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Information about Occupational Therapy with a neurodivergent OT


I try to keep prices as low as I can, therefore I provide a lower rate for self-funded sessions:

  • £55 per session 50 min session mon-fri 9-5. I occasionally offer evenings 5pm onwards and weekends at £65.

  • Initial assessments are priced at (60 min session) £65.

  • Do you have access to work funding or are company funding for their employee?: please email for a free quote. If you are employed you may be able to get a few sessions funded by access to work:  click here 

  • Lower income?: I offer 10% discount, 25-minute sessions, and payment plans.

What's included?:

  • Prices include: clinical note writing, post-session summary email and signposting, resources, emails between sessions and access to my free body-doubling group which runs fortnightly.

Other information:

  • I conduct my sessions through whatever means is most comfortable for you! You can choose from video call (with or without the camera on), or messaging.

  • Reports and letters are available at an additional cost.

  • If you would like to learn more about why occupational therapy might be right for you click here 

  • Below list is a non-exclusive list of what I offer. email me or book a discovery call where we can discuss our options.

Support areas:

Free discovery call:

A conversation for us to introduce ourselves, discuss what you're looking for and consider whether we would be a good match to work together. Book here

Initial Assessment (all clients must have an initial assessment first):

We will discuss your goals for our sessions, past experiences, and current situation in more detail.

  • Sensory support: 

 Together we can explore your sensory needs and we can work collaboratively to create a plan and look for equipment that suits you. 

  •  Sensory Exploration:

This exploration can help us gain a better understanding of your sensory needs, enabling you to become a more effective self-advocate and to design strategies that help you meet daily sensory needs and optimise your environment. I can provide a summary report for the suggestions on request.

*reports at additional cost.  I do not provide 'ayres sensory integration therapy'. I have chosen to exclude this service due to ideas around reducing sensitivity. I opt for approaches based on neuroaffirming sensory strategies and tools.

  • Fatigue support:

We can explore support strategies and create plans to help you manage your energy levels. 

  • University and workplace reasonable adjustments:

Personalised support in identifying your strengths and challenges and recommend reasonable adjustments to your workplace or educational provider.

I can also provide you with a professional PDF report or meet with managers/HR.  On request, I may also be able to provide a completed AHP health and work report used to supplement a GP fit-to-work form. 

*These services (and any others) can be self-funded or funded by your employer.

  • Emotional regulation, meltdowns and shutdown:

We can explore your experiences and develop strategies for emotional regulation that work best for you. I'll help you to put them on paper in a visual plan, and then into practice.

  • Executive function support (e.g planning, organising, memory):

We can explore your executive functioning and develop strategies to support you. This might include helping to put them into practice and providing accountability through weekly mentoring/body-doubling sessions to check in with your progress and create routines.

  • Guided self-assessment:

Exploring whether you are likely to meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia using screening tools and discussion. This service can help provide clients with some validation and understanding. I can provide letters that some clients like to take to their GP to support their request for referral for diagnostic assessment. Although these sessions cannot replace a formal diagnosis, they can be a great starting point to bring some understanding of your neurotype. 

  • Peer mentoring check-ins:

We can discuss any challenges or concerns that you may have and work together to develop strategies to help you going forward with the added accountability of our weekly check-ins to help motivate you. Some clients like to simply use this space as a place to vent to someone who truly understands what it is like to be neurodivergent, these sessions are often more frequent but 25 mins, but we can do whatever frequency and length works for you.

  • Body doubling:

I can also help with virtual body doubling, scheduling, and prioritisation. Sometimes called an accountability partner. A body double is someone who works alongside you, either in person or through video chat.

(these sessions can be in my free group or 1:1 with me for a lower cost).

  • Access to work:

I can support you with the 'access to work' application. It can be challenging to fill out forms that say things like "how do your conditions affect you?", I can support you to fill in these sections with ease. We can also discuss what kind of support might be helpful to request and even help you do things like choosing a support worker/PA.

I'll be there to support you every step of the way.

This isn't an exhaustive list​ of services. Do get in touch to enquire about how I could support you!

Book your free discovery call and start getting the neuroaffirming support you deserve.

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