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About Navigate Neurodiversity Occupational Therapy

My story

Navigate Neurodiversity OT is an occupational therapy service that was created by Alex, an occupational therapist who is also multiply neurodivergent. She identified a gap in the support available for older teens and adults who are also neurodivergent. Through Alex's training and personal experience, she recognised the need for a professional who had lived through similar experiences, and who could understand the unique challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals and provide tailored support accordingly. This led Alex to create 'Navigate Neurodiversity Occupational Therapy'.

Alex is committed to providing personalised, one-on-one occupational therapy sessions exclusively offered online via video calls. The focus is on helping clients identify their unique needs and strengths and developing individualised therapy sessions to step closer to their goals. Additionally, Alex offers support and guidance to families, caregivers, educators, and workplaces to help them understand and support their loved ones, students, or employees who are neurodivergent.

Feel heard and supported with a like-minded therapist!

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