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Consulting  & workshops and advisory services

The consulting service is designed to help you learn how to support better and understand a neurodivergent person. This might be a family member, friend, partner or employee.


I am dedicated to providing support and guidance for families, employers and education services to help them understand the needs of their loved ones, employee or students.


I can help to provide the tools and resources to help them succeed, feel understood and be better accommodated. Putting the right support and understanding in place can improve both parties' lives. 

I also provide talks and workshops to groups.

Quotes available via email:

Workplace assessment

Do you need advice on how to better support neurodivergent people in your workplace? Have you got an employee who is newly diagnosed? 

 I offer workplace adjustment reports and accommodation advice, and workshops to help companies build a more inclusive and supportive environment for neurodivergent employees. Helping you both move forward feeling positive. 


Family, partner and friends consulting 

I work collaboratively with families, caregivers, partners and educators to develop strategies that support the individual's strengths and challenges. This session is designed to answer any questions you may have about neurotypes or help you to work out how to support better and understand your loved one. The session will be tailored to your needs, so feel free to come with lots of questions. Otherwise, I am happy to guide you.

This session is intended for the family and friends of adults, I do not work with under 18's. 

Up to 2 family/friends may be present on the call.

A report can be provided.


Procurement, projects, associate work and partnerships

Does your service need support from a neurodivergent professional to better cater for your neurodivergent service users?

Do you lack the funds to employ someone full-time but could benefit from occasional or temporary support?

Perhaps some of your employees could benefit from talking to someone about their neurodivergence and from jointly creating bespoke workplace strategies.

I would love to support your service to improve its provisions for your neurodivergent clients and employees.  Get in touch to discuss how this could work for you. This service is competitively priced.


Accessibility audits for small Businesses 

Looking for an OT with lived experience to audit the accessibility of your business. I particularly specialise in supporting businesses to be sensory and autism friendly.

Are you a small business (e.g hairdresser, salon owner, therapist etc) owner looking for help with:

  • providing both low cost and higher cost ideas of how you can increase the accessibility of your businesses 

  • providing you with a new selling point (being sensory friendly) and therefore a new client group for your business

  • providing advice of how to increase the accessibility of your website/social media pages

  • a report containing the above 

  • ongoing advice via email

& more!

I am able to come in and visit your business to do the audit in person for any business in Sheffield and possibly surrounding areas (please enquire). Alternatively I may be able to provide these services via photos and a video call (however this will not be as accurate as a visit).

Email me for a free quote, travel costs apply.


Workshops & talks for business and charities

Looking for an OT with lived experience to provide support strategy talks or workshops?

This might include 

  • providing lived experience and OT based workshops to groups of neurodivergent staff members or event attendees 

  • Topics might include: emotional regulation, reasonable adjustments, environmental adaptations, creating your own support toolkit, fatigue management 

& much more!

I am able to come in and visit your business to do the talk or workshop in person, email me for a free quote, travel costs apply. 

Alternatively I may be able to provide these services via photos and a video call.

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