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Attending Appointments at Navigate Neurodiversity Occupational Therapy

Here you will find information about how the service works and attending your appointment.



I conduct my sessions through whatever means is most comfortable for you! You can choose from online/video call (with or without the camera on), email or messaging. Please inform me of your preference via email if you do not wish to use video calls as standard.



Please click here to contact me or click here to book your free discovery call.


Appointments are available between 9am-4pm mon-friday (appointments are available outside of these times and at weekends at a slightly increased rate)

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If you would like to leave me a review, you can do so by emailing the review to me, detailing permission to share it on our website and social media; all reviews will be anonymised. Or you can complete this form: .Reviews are greatly appreciated!

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Feel free to contact me via email or on social media for an informal conversation.

I will only use email for sending and receiving private such as health details and personal details.

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Please log on to our call on time. If you are running late, please let me know as soon as possible. If you are more than 15  minutes late without informing me, your appointment will be cancelled.  

See Terms and Conditions for more information.

You may attend appointments anywhere you feel comfortable. That might be in bed, on the sofa or at a table. There will be no judgement if you wear your pyjamas or haven't brushed your hair; I understand that getting dressed is exhausting some days! Please just be comfortable, and find a room where you can talk openly and privately. 



If you have any complaints or areas for improvement you would like to suggest; please email them to me or you can complete this form: I will take on board any feedback and use it to improve the service.

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Who runs the service?

I run this service alone as a sole trader. This is not a large company. As a disabled independent OT I only work a few hours a week in order to look after my own health therefore slots are limited, and discounts are also limited in order for me to cover my overheads. I am looking into funding options to provide free or further discount sessions, but this will be in the distant future as it is a lengthy process. Thank you for your understanding. 

Working with a sole trader does mean your experience will be solely with me so highly personalised, and this will limit the people you will need to interact with. It also means that as it is my business i take it very seriously and try to always go above and beyond , aiming for my clients to be more than satisfied with our time together. 

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Payment is via bank transfer. Payment is collected session-by-session. Please aim to pay more than 24hrs before your session.

I offer 10% discount for low income clients. I only have limited availability for these slots so do get in contact to be added to the waiting list. Half-length sessions may also be facilitated to reduce cost.

Booking a Meeting


The cancellation policy requires a 48-hour notice for appointment changes or cancellations. If you provide notice more than 48 hours in advance, there will be no charge for the missed session. However, if you cancel within 48 hours of the appointment or fail to attend, you will be responsible for the appointment fee since you have reserved the therapist's time for your session. If the client cancels their appointment more than 48 hours before the starting time but does not wish to reschedule, this will incur an admin fee to process the termination of sessions (your session cost in full).

In the event of an emergency preventing your attendance and timely notification, the therapist may evaluate the possibility of exempting or reducing the cancellation fee, this is at the discretion of the therapist.

Please note that if you arrive 15 minutes or later for your appointment without prior notice to the therapist, your appointment may be cancelled.

How does it work?

Step 1: Book a free discovery call with Alex via video call, your occupational therapist. During this call, you can share your unique needs and concerns and ask any questions you may have. 

Step 2: Book your initial assessment session with Alex. During this session, Alex will work closely with you to understand your individual goals and needs. 

Step 3: Begin your OT sessions. You can choose to complete as few or as many sessions as you'd like on the topics that are most important to you. You are always welcome to have breaks and come back when you feel you need to.


Step 4: After completing your sessions, you'll have the tools and resources to continue thriving in your daily life. If you need further support, you are always welcome back, Alex will be available to answer your questions and provide additional guidance. 

At Navigate Neurodiversity Occupational Therapy, I prioritise your unique needs and strive to empower you to achieve your goals.


Book your free discovery call today to get started!

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