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Looking for Lived Experience-Based, Empowering Support with a Welcoming OT who
"just get's it"?


are you...

Wondering if you might be neurodivergent?

Searching for an OT who can relate to your experiences?

Exploring ways to better support yourself?

Pondering adjustments for your workplace and home that could make life easier?

Seeking someone who will genuinely listen, validate your experiences, and offer practical support?

Interested in accessing online support through messages, video calls, or self-paced workbooks?

An employer looking for support to make the workplace more accessible, or for tailored support/adjustments for your employee?

Alex specialises in delivering personalised Occupational Therapy to adults 18+  who are questioning if they are neurodivergent, those diagnosed and self-diagnosed/self-identified. As well as families and employers.


I am based in England, support is available across the UK, & EU, online.

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The Lived Experience-Based Support You've Been Searching For

A quick summary of what I offer:

  • Personalised occupational therapy and peer support/mentoring services online.

  • Consulting services are also available for the families/partners of adults to receive advice and support.

  • Neurodiversity consulting is available for employers, to help you meet the needs of neurodivergent employees & provide tailored adjustments.

  • Partnership arrangements and associate work are available for other services and charities.

  • Accessibility audits for small businesses (advice on how to become more accessible and sensory friendly) 

  • Workshops & talks for organisations and charities

  • Free body doubling groups

Who do I work with?

I work with anyone who identifies as neurodivergent (diagnosed, self-identifying or questioning). I have a keen interest in working with women, gender minorities and LGBTQIA+ people, particularly those who are late diagnosed/self-identifying as autistic.

Accommodating you:

Sessions with me are a safe space to be yourself, we will probably both laugh about moments of brain fog together! Feel free to attend in your pj’s, with your emotional support teddy, have breaks, colour, doodle, and get cozy.

alex a brown haired woman leans on a wall, head tilted smiling at the camera. wearing a black t-shirt

Meet Alex

 Alex is an occupational therapist, ready to provide you with the lived-expereince based, neuroaffirming support you have been looking for!

What is Alex like?

Meet Alex, your friendly OT. She's all about making you feel at home, sharing laughs, and being there when you need a listening ear. Alex loves animals with dogs being her absolute favourite! Besides that, she loves talking about and holding stuffed animals, watching makeup reviews, playing board games, getting creative with painting, and exploring local vegan restaurants on her blog. Her goal is to make your time together feel relaxed welcoming and helpful.

For more information about Alex, click here 

Alex Is a HCPC-registered occupational therapist. She has a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor's in Anthropology. Alex founded Navigate Neurodiversity Occupational Therapy to provide much-needed support for  adults who are looking for support to thrive. Alex's lived experience puts her in a great position to not only support her clients but truly understand and validate their experiences. 

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"My sessions with Alex so far have been incredibly helpful, and her perspective is so refreshing. Having an OT with lived experience makes a huge difference in feeling understood and accepted and I can unmask as much as I like in these sessions. I  never have to explain anything about my autism because Alex is informed through her first hand experience as well as her other training and always knows about the experiences I've had or terminology I use. I really couldn't recommend her enough!"  - Anonymous Autist

"After my sessions with you I feel like its ok to be like this [autistic]" - Anonymous Autist

"Alex is a very skilled practitioner who goes above and beyond. She is openly neurodivergent so has lived experience and just "gets it", which is incredibly refreshing. Alex is genuinely one of the loveliest people ever I highly recommend her for anyone who identifies as neurodivergent including for people living with a Tourette Syndrome/ Tic Disorder diagnosis"

- Anonymous Autist & Tourette's 

"My mental health has improved because of Alex validating my feelings, explaining to me why I do certain things e.g being a sensory seeker, or even what that is!, and her helping me come to terms with being autistic" - Anonymous AuDHDer

"Working with Alex has been life-changing for me, don’t hesitate to contact her if it’s something you’ve been thinking about. I don’t have a confirmed diagnosis but have spent all of my 53 years feeling like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, described by other people as “quirky, a bit odd, very different, not quite right”. I recently heard a comment on a TV show which really resonated with me & I started to research neurodiversity in older women. I was shell-shocked to discover that I almost certainly have a neurodiverse brain and that for all of my life I had been working against it, trying to be “normal” (which I now know is referred to as neurotypical!). I didn’t know what to do with this information, how to process it or how to move forward. That’s where Alex came in & thank goodness I found her! Alex just gets it. She has lived experience and she is the one person I can say anything to without feeling stupid or lacking or judged. She just listens in a very positive and empathic way and then will come up with something super helpful for you to think about or a plan to try and work through whatever it is you are struggling with. If you just need a chat or a vent or a brainstorm she’ll do that with you. The sessions are whatever you need at the time. She has so many resources to share if you want them, but there’s never any pressure if you feel overwhelmed or change your mind. Alex also gave me lots of advice on how to help one of my sons who I suspect is also neurodivergent and his mental health has definitely improved since we have implemented her suggestions. I also had some issues with my job which cropped up whilst I was seeing Alex and she wrote a very thorough, professional report for my employer, explaining my difficulties and detailing the steps they needed to put in place to support me in the changes that they were bringing in. I honestly cannot recommend Alex highly enough. I’m so thankful for my sessions with her because I have learnt that it is perfectly OK to have a neurodiverse brain and now, rather than spending all my energies trying to “fit in”, I just be who I am & life is brighter. Alex has taught me how to self-advocate in all areas of my life and that is incredibly empowering. She is a lovely lady and an incredible OT." -  Anonymous Autist

Alex is the single most helpful health professional I have ever interacted with regarding my autism. I cannot stress enough how incredibly helpful and accommodating she was! I'd reached a point where I felt so alone. I'd entirely given up on trying to access medical support as I couldn't get staff to understand / respect my needs, no matter what I tried. Alex not only listened to me, but she was able to understand my struggles. She came up with an idea to help, and produced a document that is just amazing. - Anonymous Autist in reference to a personalised health passport

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